Real T(h)OR


Take-Over Requests are one of the most prominent topics in automated driving research and have recently been ad-dressed by numerous publications. However, most results were solely obtained in simulated driving environments. Thus, it is important to investigate whether or not these results, especially regarding users’ experience, can be validated in user studies with real vehicles.

We conducted an experiment on a test track, where a conditionally automated vehicle was simulated using a driving robot. Participants, engaged in Non-Driving Related Tasks, were interrupted by Take-Over Requests and had to avoid hitting areal obstacle.

We conducted interviews combining the UX Curve and UX Cards method, used several psychometric scales, and collected participants’ driving and take-over and driving performance.

This video gives a first insight into our setting, which allows evaluation of imminent handover situations on a test track.

My part in the project

Together with my colleagues, we developed the study design.

I was responsible for the qualitative methodological setup and the questionnaires used.

I conducted the interviews during the study, analyzed the qualitative data and the data from the questionnaires.

Together with my colleague, I created the video. I was responsible for recording and film editing with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. My colleague was responsible for the sound.


AutoUI 2019

The Real T(h)OR: Evaluation of Emergency Take-Over on a Test Track