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2020 MDPI Open Access

Where We Come from and Where We Are Going: A Systematic Review of Human Factors Research in Driving Automation

2020 ACM Mobile HCI

Increasing User Experience and Trust in Automated Vehicles via an Ambient Light Display

2020 CHI

Augmentation Concepts with HUDs for Cyclists to Improve Road Safety in Shared Spaces

2020 Doctoral Thesis

The DAUX Framework: A Need-Centered Development Approach for User Experience in Driving Automation (passed with distinction)

2020 Springer “Management for Professionals”

User Experience Is Brand Experience: The Psychology Behind Successful Digital Products and Services

2020 Springer “Autonome Shuttlebusse im ÖPNV”

Mensch oder Maschine? Direktvergleich von automatisiert und manuell gesteuertem Nahverkehr

Evaluierung von Benutzeranforderungen für die Kommunikation zwischen automatisierten Fahrzeugen und ungeschützten Verkehrsteilnehmern

2019 Elsevier Transportation Research Part F

Resurrecting the ghost in the shell: A need-centered development approach for optimizing user experience in highly automated vehicles

2019 AutomotiveUI

ATHENA: supporting UX of conditionally automated driving with natural language reliability displays (Honorable Mention Award)

The real T (h) OR: evaluation of emergency take-over on a test track

Where we come from and where we are going: a review of automated driving studies

Teleoperation: The Holy Grail to Solve Problems of Automated Driving? Sure, but Latency Matters

2019 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

Investigating User Requirements for Communication Between Automated Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users

Type-o-Steer: Reimagining the Steering Wheel for Productive Non-Driving Related Tasks in Conditionally Automated Vehicles

2019 CHI

In UX We Trust: Investigation of Aesthetics and Usability of Driver-Vehicle Interfaces and Their Impact on the Perception of Automated Driving

2019 Intelligent User Interfaces

Why do you like to drive automated?: a context-dependent analysis of highly automated driving to elaborate requirements for intelligent user interfaces

S(C)ENTINEL: monitoring automated vehicles with olfactory reliability displays

2019 Mensch und Computer

The Influence of User Openness on Acceptance and UX of Smart Speakers

2018 AutomotiveUI

2018 MobileHCI

Workaholistic: on balancing typing- and handover-performance in automated driving

2018 Mensch und Computer

Moral Behavior of Automated Vehicles: The Impact on Product Perception

2018 CHI

A Bermuda Triangle? – A Review of Method Application and Triangulation in User Experience Evaluation (Honorable Mention Award)

2017 AutomotiveUI

Driving Hotzenplotz: A Hybrid Interface for Vehicle Control Aiming to Maximize Pleasure in Highway Driving

Automated Driving: Acceptance and Chances for Elderly People


Traffic Augmentation as a Means to Increase Trust in Automated Driving Systems

2017 Mensch und Computer

The Level of Harmony: A Validation Strategy for Brand & User Experience

Senior Drivers: Using the Benefits of Automated Driving for the Elderly

2017 IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication

Do Moral Robots Always Fail? Investigating Human Attitudes Towards Ethical Decisions of Automated Systems

2017 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

The Experience of Ethics: Evaluation of Self Harm Risks in Automated Vehicles

2017 DIS

Triangulation in UX Studies: Learning from Experience

2017 Chapter in “Automotive User Interfaces” 

Driver in the Loop: Best Practices in Automotive Sensing and Feedback Mechanisms

2016 NordiCHI

User Experience Lifecycle Reflection: An Interdisciplinary Journey to Enable Multiple Customer Touchpoints

2016 Mensch & Computer

Towards a Personalized Trust Model for Highly Automated Driving

2016 AutomotiveUI

First Person Trolley Problem: Evaluation of Drivers’ Ethical Decisions in a Driving Simulator

Automated Driving System, Male, or Female Driver: Who’d You Prefer? Comparative Analysis of Passengers’ Mental Conditions, Emotional States & Qualitative Feedback

A Novel Approach for Researching Crossing Behavior and Risk Acceptance: The Pedestrian Simulator

2016 DIS

CrowdUX: A Case for Using Widespread and Lightweight Tools in the Quest for UX

2013 Interact

Travel routes or geography facts? An evaluation of voice authentication user interfaces


Word Usability Day Munich 2020

User Experience Design fürs automatisierte Fahren: Wie gehen wir damit um wenn das Auto immer „schlauer“ wird?

World Usability Day Ingolstadt 2018

Panel-Session: „How to design UX for (automated) driving: Industry vs. Academia“ together with Ronee Chadowitz (BMW), Martina Mara (JKU Linz), Lena Rittger (Audi) and moderation of Andreas Riener (THI)


World Usability Day Ingolstadt 2017

“Ich will Spaß ich geb Gas” – Why automated driving is not enough.

German UPA Munich @designaffairs 2015

„UX Lab 2.0“: How will the evaluation of User Experience adapt to a changing product and project world? How can we enhance existing methods and use new technology to optimize processes?


World Usability Day Munich 2015

UX Lab 2.0  – How UX Evaluation can be performed in a holistic and efficient way. Read here for more information.



MCBW – Creative Demo Night 2016



Große Show der Naturwunder

Autonomes Fahren – vom Traum und Alptraum einer nahen Zukunftsvision Onlinemagazin für Industriedesign

Testaffairs: Usability-Test per App

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designaffairs präsentiert mit ‚testaffairs‘ das UX Lab 2.0

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