BOSCH TrackMyTools

2014/ 2015 

TrackMyTools is an intelligent inventory management system for craftsmen using the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) to manage extensive tool kits that are connected via GPS and Bluetooth. I worked for this project at designaffairs.



“In close collaboration with the world market leader Bosch we connected tools with the internet and by doing so developed an optimal service for craft businesses. Since October 2015 the digital inventory management system TrackMyTools enables Bosch devices and external devices to communicate through applications on smartphones, tablets and PCs and can be managed online via Bluetooth and GPS. Storemen keep a clear view over their operational inventory and access to all relevant data at any time. The development of this solution focused clearly on the individual client and user needs, which were validated in accompanying customer surveys and observations in everyday working life. Our Service Blue Print helped cluster and prioritize the procedures in the service design process both in the front and backend. This made the virtual operations in the abstract world of the Internet of Things easily perceptible and usable for craftsmen and storekeepers.” (designaffairs website 2016)

The challenge of this project was to create a harmonious user experience in all touchpoints between the users and the system, which involves different user groups and different components of the system (hardware and software) embedded in an overarching service. In an agile process we applied a user-centered design approach to deal with the different user and stakeholder needs, while using the possibilities of the technology of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tags as well as GPS and embedding them into the virtual environment of the inventory management system.

The system is already on the market and advertised by Bosch:


My part in the project

I was part of the project from the very first beginning and organized and presented the pitch at Bosch Power Tools.

After we were commissioned I was involved in the creation of the service blueprint and customer journey. As usability engineer I conducted stakeholder interviews as well user observations, created concepts and developed a HTML prototype.

In close coordination and collaboration with Bosch PT we delivered concepts from rough sketches to detailed specified wireframes plus and a documented high-fidelity HTML prototype in Axure.

As deputy of the project manager I was responsible for the communication with the client and project coordination. This involved as well the professional guidance of the conception team